Jodhpur JDA – Jodhpur Development Authority Schemes, Lottery Result

Jodhpur Development Authority 2022: In this article we had mentioned about the schemes of Jodhpur Development Authority. Jodhpur Development Authority which is also called is a government scheme for the development of Jodhpur.

By the Department of Urban Development and Housing, Government of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is a body established under the Jodhpur Development Authority Act, 2009 (Act No. 2 of 2009).

Jodhpur Development Authority 2022

The mission of the Jodhpur Development Authority is to execute plans, projects, and schemes for proper, orderly, and quick development of the Jodhpur Region and to take care of things related thereto. It was founded with these goals in mind.

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Jodhpur Development Authority 2022 Overview

AuthorityJodhpur Development Authority
Act no.Jodhpur Development Authority Act of 2009
Schemesgiven below
DepartmentUrban Development and Housing
GovernmentGovernment of Rajasthan
Jodhpur JDA Logo
Jodhpur Development Authority 2022

Jodhpur JDA Schemes 2022

  • Sale Permission Service
  • Name Transfer Service
  • Building Permission Service
  • Lease Exemption Service
  • Property ID Creation
  • Mutation (Name Transfer / Substitution)
  • Lease Collection
  • Community Center Booking
  • Online Tender Participation
  • Online Payment against Payment Demand Note
  • OTLC/ Free Hold Certificate
  • Online E-Auction Participation

Urban Development and Housing (UDH) is the Apex body for all Development Authorities (DAs) and the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) in Rajasthan. Urban Development and Housing (UDH) has developed a unified portal for web-based citizen services. The portal is built into the Rajasthan Single Sign On portal.

JDA Jodhpur 2022 contact number

Contact number of Authority of Jodhpur Development is given below.

  • Opposite Railway Hospital,
  • Ratanada, Jodhpur(Rajasthan) 342001 India
  • Contact number for JDA Jodhpur is 0291-2612086, 0291-2656355
  • Email is also available for Jodhpur Development Authority that is, [email protected]
  • FAX number of JDA Jodhpur is 0291-2615372

Jodhpur Development Authority Members

Member of Authority

  • A Chairman appointed by the State Government
  •  A Vice-chairman, Jodhpur Development Commissioner, Jodhpur
  •  Principal Secretary to the Government, Urban Governance [Development and Housing] Department or his representative not below the rank of Deputy             Secretary.
  •  Deputy Housing Commissioner, Rajasthan Housing Board, Jodhpur
  •  Additional Chief Engineer, Public Health Engineering Department, Jodhpur
  •  Additional Chief Engineer, Public Works Department, Jodhpur
  •  District Collector, Jodhpur
  •  Chief Managing Director, Jodhpur VidyutVitran Nigam Ltd., Jodhpur
  •  Chairman/Administrator, Municipal Corporation, Jodhpur
  •  ZilaPramukh of ZilaParishad, Jodhpur
  •  Deputy Town Planner, Jodhpur
  •  Non official members, not exceeding seven to be nominated by the State Government.

Executive Committee Member

  • A Chairman, who shall be the Jodhpur Development Commissioner
  •  Representative of Principal Secretary, Urban Governance [Development and Housing] not below the rank of Deputy Secretary
  •  Secretary, Jodhpur Development Authority [who shall be the member-Secretary of the Committee]
  •  Chief Engineer, Public Works Department, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  •  Chief Engineer, Public Health Engineering Department, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  •  Managing Director or his representative of the Jodhpur VidyutVitran Nigam Limited not below the rank of a Chief Engineer
  •  Managing Director, Rajasthan State Industrial and Investment Corporation Limited, or his representative not below the rank of General Manager
  •  Managing Director, Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation or his representative not below the rank of General Manager Deputy Director, Tourism,             Jodhpur
  •  Director Engineering of the Authority
  •  Director TownPlanning of the Authority
  •  Director Finance of the Authority
  •  Director Law of the Authority Collector, Jodhpur
  •  Superintendent of Police, Jodhpur
  •  The Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Jodhpur.

TCB Members

  • Chairman who shall be the Jodhpur Development Commissioner
  •  Secretary, Jodhpur Development Authority
  •  Regional Transport Officer, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  •  General Manager (Operation), Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation, Zone Jodhpur
  •  Additional Chief Engineer, Public Works Department, Jodhpur
  •  Additional Chief Engineer, Public Health Engineering Department, Jodhpur
  •  Representative of the Jodhpur VidyutVitran Nigam Ltd., not below the rank of a Additional Chief Engineer
  •  Director Engineering of the Authority
  •  Director Town Planning of the Authority
  •  District Finance of the Authority
  •  District Magistrate, Jodhpur
  •  Superintendent of Police, Jodhpur
  •  Chairman/ Administrator, Municipal Corporation, Jodhpur
  •  Two persons to be nominated by the Chairman of the Authority

JDA Service Telephone Directory

Sr. No.NameDesignationDepartmentEmailMobile no.Office no.
1Mr. Kailash Chand MeenaChairmanAdministration
2Mr. Navneet KumarCommissionerAdministration0291-2612086
3Mr. Jai Narayan MeenaSecretaryAdministration[email protected]9414348744
4Mrs. Mridula ShekhawatDeputy Commissioner Zone-1Administration7073523389
5Mr. Manoj SolankiDeputy Commissioner Zone-2Administration9530114411
6Mr. Sarwan Singh RajawatDeputy Commissioner Zone-4Administration8094515049
7Mr. Sarwan KumarDeputy Commissioner Zone-6Administration9468596100
8Mr. Ravindra KumarDeputy Commissioner Zone-3Administration9460214789
9Mr. VishnaRam MaliDeputy Commissioner Zone-5Administration9414672780
10Pratigya SoniTehsildarAdministration8239665959
11Mr. Subhash Chandra SharmaDirector PlanningTown Planning[email protected]9414073322
12Mr. Mahendra PanwarDirector EngineeringEngineering9414295317
13Miss Shivani PurohitJunior Legal OfficerJudicial
14Mr. Jagdish PrasadDirector LegalJudicial
15Mr. Yogesh MathurSuperintendent EngineeringEngineering[email protected]8209497286
16Mr. Rakesh PariharSuperintendent EngineeringEngineering9829797376
17Mr. Kewalchand GehlotSenior Accounting OfficerAccounts Section9799042125
18Mr. Navneet TrivediExecutive EngineerEngineering9413083799
19Mr. Subhod MathurExecutive EngineerEngineering7014387172
20Mr. Abhishek PariharExecutive EngineerEngineering9799566263
21Mr. Rakesh GehlotExecutive EngineerEngineering9799042138
22Mr. Rahul SankhalaProgrammerIT Section9799042144
23Mr. Anuj AgarwalDeputy Town PlannerTown Planning8386801756
24Mr. Ganpat SutharDeputy Town PlannerTown Planning9829080008
25Mr. Saurabh GehlotAssistant Town PlanningTown Planning7742103120
26Dr. Lalit Kumar MatnaniAsst. Public Relation OffcerPRO Section[email protected]9351735600
27Mr. Arjun Singh BhaskarAssistant EngineerEngineering9414474964
28Mr. Sunil BohraAssistant EngineerEngineering9461134300
29Mr. Lokesh TakAssistant EngineerEngineering9799855573
30Mr. Jagdish ChanganiAssistant EngineerEngineering9587004507
31Dr. Ramkumar LodhaAssistant EngineerEngineering9460176474
32Mr. Kanaram JangidAssistant EngineerEngineering9251430405
33Mr. Pradeep HoodaAssistant EngineerEngineering9414700627
34Mr. Prasant PurohitAssistant EngineerEngineering9828036637
35Mr. Om Prakash SolankiAssistant EngineerEngineering
36Mrs. Trapti KumawatAssistant EngineerEngineering9799042128
37Mr. Saurabh SaranAssistant EngineerEngineering9799042133
38Mrs. Nirupma AsopaAssistant EngineerEngineering9799042153
39Mr. Sandeep PariharAssistant EngineerEngineering9799042113
40Mr. Jitendra VishnoiAssistant EngineerEngineering9799042160
41Mr. Atul PariharJunior EngineerEngineering8094700787
42Mrs. Khushboo ChawlaJunior EngineerEngineering8058035669
43Mr. Hirsingh RajpurohitJunior EngineerEngineering9413137080
44Mr. Pappu Ram BairwaJunior EngineerEngineering9799760885
45Mr. Surendra VishnoiAssistant EngineerEngineering9001996319
46Mr. RambharoshJunior EngineerEngineering7597803669
47Mr. Vivek soniAssistant EngineerEngineering
48Mr. Lovejeet BhatiJunior EngineerEngineering
49Mr. Hemant KumarJunior EngineerEngineering9001996320
50Mr. Nagendra Singh RajpurohitJunior EngineerEngineering9799042107
51Mr. Dushyant GiriJunior EngineerEngineering9799042143
52Mr. Jitendra RamawatJunior EngineerEngineering9799042145
53Mr. Mahendra GurjarJunior EngineerEngineering[email protected]9001996317
54Mr. AfaqJunior EngineerEngineering9602228198
55Mr. Sunil DagaJunior EngineerEngineering9413526037
56Mr. Mahesh KumarJunior EngineerEngineering9358850134
57Mr. AmichandJunior EngineerEngineering9928134283
58Mr. Heer Singh RajpurohitJunior EngineerEngineering
59Mr. Rajesh BishnoiJunior EngineerEngineering8003094361
60Mr. Praveen GehlotAssistant Enforcement OfficerEnforcement9414721100
61Mr. Anil Prakash SharmaInspectorEnforcement9414917195
62Mr. Bajrang SinghPrivate SecretaryPA Section9414270965
63Mr. Bhanwar Singh ShekhawatPrivate SecretaryPA Section9414125367
64Mr. Dayal Singh RajpurohitInspector Land RecordRevenue Section9414440539
65Mr. Prahlad SinghPatwariRevenue Section9782392209
66Mr. Surendra Singh RathorePatwariRevenue Section9549642496
67Mr. Amrit GujarPatwariRevenue Section7792065093
68Mr. Narendra SinghPatwariRevenue Section9214774993
69Mr. Sunil PrasarPatwariRevenue Section9351168673
70Mr. Abhishek MathurPatwariRevenue Section8890471122
71Mr. Kishor SinghPatwariRevenue Section9414721249
72Mr. Kailash SenAAO-II GradeAccounts Section9414326915
73Mr. Ikbal Ali RangrejAAO-II GradeAccounts Section9414475749
74Mr. Shrawan KumarJunior AccountantAccounts Section8078622489
75Mr. Pradeep BhatiJunior AccountantAccounts Section8209767560
76Mr. Kapil ChoudharyInformatic AssistantInformation Technology9672354150
77Mr. Pratik SharmaInformatic AssistantInformation Technology9252993733
78Mr. Gaurav KumarInformatic AssistantInformation Technology8290155142
79Ku. TrapatiInformatic AssistantInformation Technology
80Mr. BrajMohan SankhalaSenior ClerkClerical9460588068
81Mr. Kripa Kishan PurohitJunior ClerkClerical
82Mr. Saleem MohammedJunior ClerkClerical9828082292
83Mr. Nitin ShahJunior ClerkClerical9829737614
84Mr. Omprakash ChoudharyJunior ClerkClerical
85Mr. Kailash JoshiJunior ClerkClerical9950951000
86Mr. Sunil MathurJunior ClerkClerical9460271632
87Mr. Magana Ram ChoudharyJunior ClerkClerical9461265295
88Mr. Babulal SenJunior ClerkClerical9252226600
89Mr. Khiv SinghJunior ClerkClerical9828103231
90Mr. Surendra MathurJunior ClerkClerical9414873715
91Mr. Pradeep ChaudharyJunior ClerkClerical9460215339
92Mr. Surendra KumawatJunior ClerkClerical9929922331
93Mrs. Kanta PanwarJunior ClerkClerical9413117220
94Mr. Bhanwar Singh PanwarJunior ClerkClerical9462438200
95Mr. Ramesh GujarJunior ClerkClerical9602616986
96Mr. Sanjay MathurJunior ClerkClerical9928975551
97Mr. Bhanwar SinghJunior ClerkClerical9413222849
98Mr. Rajendra JoshiJunior ClerkClerical7737641078
99Mr. Chandan SinghJunior ClerkClerical9983300526
100Mr. Jitendra GoyalJunior ClerkClerical8003945891
101Mr. Devendra SinghJunior ClerkClerical9782446058
102Mr. Anil Prakash MathurJunior ClerkClerical9414679600
103Mr. Pradeep SonelJunior ClerkClerical9413462263
104Mr. ChainaramJunior ClerkClerical

Jodhpur JDA Contact Information

Contacy Nodal Officer: Call: 9799042144

Jodhpur JDA HomepageClick Here

Official Website

What is the contact number of Jodhpur Development Authority?

You can contact Authority via 0291-2612086 or 0291-2656355. You can also contact Jodhpur JDA through email i.e [email protected]

What is JDA Jodhpur belongs to?

JDA Jodhpur belongs to Jodhpur Development Authority which comes under the department of Urban Development and Housing, Government of Rajasthan.